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What is LIT?

Our Young Adult Ministry through Striving for Perfection Ministries aims to provide inspirational and impactful resources for those between the ages of 18-40. Through this ministry we connect, share, listen,  inspire,  motivate, support and encourage each other via biblical teachings and conversations. The name LIT embraces the fact that young adults lives seem to be in transition as they conquer life’s challenges to achieve Godly success.  Our specific focus is ensuring the word of God is communicated in a manner that is relevant and relatable to young adults life experiences, which may be vastly different than other age groups.  Striving Leadership embraces the value young adult’s talents, time, and treasure to the kingdom of God, therefore, young adult investment is vital to the success of this ministry.     Our weekly gathering is feeling of warmth, loving, enjoyment, and welcoming to all attendees.  Attend one of our weekly meetings and be prepared for a life-changing experience.


When: Wednesday, 6pm (unless noted otherwise)

Zoom accessible:

  • Meeting ID: 834 7726 4526
  • Passcode: 595677

Host: Minister Rodney Perry

Host: Dr. Greg Seaton

For more information about LIT, please call 850-862-3899.