Toddler Room

More than just play time but "Pray Time".  We incorporate God's word in everything we do, regardless how large or small the individual is...


Director:  Michelle Johnson


Youth Department

Director:  Czontel Hines

Bless our children as we raise them up in the admonition

of the Lord...

Teens Ministry

Director:  Min. Keisha Thomas


Women of Worth Ministry

Not just beautiful but spirit filled and mature in God's Word. We seek to glorify the Lord in all we do.  Join Us!

Director:  Ms. Candace Boldin

Men of Distinction Ministry

Meeting:  2nd Saturday monthly

Time:  8:00am - 9:00am

Where:  S4P Ministries


Director:  Min. DeAndre Latham


S4P Dance Ministry

Director: Joyce Packer


Music Ministry

Directors:  LaChelle Meriweather