Apr 24

The Resurrection


The truth about the Resurrection -- believe it or not?

What is your stance? Where do you stand?

Tonight's Bible Study Topic: 'I Will Not Let My Church Be about My Preferences and Desires' -

Come and be blessed as we learn how to put others before ourselves.

In my humble opinion, this should be an open and shut case with a period behind it. The resurrection is true and my faith is not in vain. It is a fact that as the bible records the rising of Lazarus no one disputes that event happened as many witnesses including the religious leaders account. Why would anyone believe that the power through Jesus that raised Lazarus from the dead after 4 days would not be available to Jesus just as he prophetically told the disciples. The mission was to be a living and perfect sacrifice for the sins of mankind so the cross was necessary. However, the deity of Jesus remained in tact. His dying was a choice, His resurrection was inevitable and factual. I can only speak for myself, no way I would be what I am, achieved what I have achieved without the grace, mercy and love of Jesus. I have more than one example of that fact. But if you really want something else to ponder, consider this. Why would 12 completely different people (the disciples) elect to preach Jesus and face all that they faced and died in the manner each of them died if they had not seen enough evidence that Jesus was who he said he was??? So I asked myself, what would have made these 12 elect to die for the cause of preaching in the name Jesus. I suppose, if I had seen Jesus crucified, beat, whipped and mock as he was and then hung on a cross and then saw and heard him give up the ghost (died) and then 3 days later saw him walking, talking and still with the marks of the crucifixion, that would be enough for me. That explains the 12 but what about me who did not see. Well, for me this is easy, when you read the bible the holy spirit will reveal the truth, if you still are unsure keep reading, eventually God will open your eyes, heart and mind so you see so clear there will be no doubt about the resurrection power of God. Thank you Jesus for dying for our sins, but more importantly, thank you God for the Power that raised Jesus from the dead and became the first fruits of those raised from the dead giving us our eternal hope that if we die in Christ we shall surely live again. Amen.

One more thing. I never met George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, and many other influential people but we are quick to believe recorded accounts of their lives. Even more interesting is the fact no one seems to think it's a big deal to turn water into wine??? or speak a word and have a paralytic get up and walk. Things that make you go Hummmm! I am just saying these are accounts that no one is disputing but are in fact miracles and we view these as common place. What? Next time you want a little wine if you do just pour a glass of water and concentrate real hard and see if you or any of your friends can produce a little wine. just a thought!


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