S4P Members or Community Members interested in holding an event at Striving for Perfection Ministries, please complete the form below providing the basic details of your event.  (You must be 18 years of age or older)

Events held in the facility or anywhere on the grounds/premises will adhere to the following restrictions: No alcohol of any kind will be served or consumed.  No smoking or vaping.  No foul language or any media using foul language.  No animals, unless under specific circumstances and approved by the Pastor.

FREE USE CRITERIA:  Non-Profit Organizations, S4P Member Events...

This is a request form:  Your event is not officially on the calendar until:  Approval decision of this event has been provided via: in person, phone call, email or mail, which will only occur after a meeting with one of the appropriate staff members and coordination, if relevant, has occurred.  Disapproval decisions will be provided in writing.

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Striving for Perfection Ministries is a non-denominational teaching ministry with a community focus located in the beautiful emerald coast of Florida



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